Form vs Substance in politics


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I think most people would agree that Obama was very smooth, but he did bugger all with North Korea. Do you think Obama is all form and no substance, while Trump is all substance and no form? Food for thought...


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Nothing wrong with being an appeaser. Nothing wrong with wanting to mix things up a bit.

But imagine how much less opposition Trump would have if he was half the Statesman Obama was.


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I honestly think that in this specific case, if he had been ANY type of politician at all, he would never been elected. His "charm" (???????) comes from the fact that he was / is clearly a political outsider. I think the country was tired of the "same-old same-old" political shenanigans that we had seen for too long. He has a lot of dust to sweep out of those closets and I don't know if he will get the chance for a second term. But given the way the current Democratic melee is going, he just might.