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Jon, when I attempt to connect to AWF, I get a notice that says "No Cypher Overlap." That is the short way of saying that my system lists what it can use to talk security, your system lists what it can use to talk securely, and between us we have no common encryption methods. I know my machine is up to date so it has to be something on your end. Perhaps you were trying something new?
Uncle Gizmo
Uncle Gizmo
I am unable to gain access to access world forums at all, I have cleared my cache, uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome, and a few other things besides. Then I asked my wife if I could borrow her phone and I get the same message that access to access world forums is being blocked because of an insecure connection.

I've tried both from the Wi-Fi and through the phones own internet connection.
Uncle Gizmo
Uncle Gizmo
This is the error message:-

This site can’t provide a secure connection www.access-programmers.co.uk uses an unsupported protocol.
I've also been unable to connect to AWF since yesterday afternoon. The message I get states that the site has outdated or unsafe security settings.
I'm getting occasional email notifications so it seems some people must be able to connect.
Always good to meet someone new. It is through peaceful communication that many issues can be resolved regardless of ideological, religious, or political differences. It is the differences that add spice to life.