Bit of a slump


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Jon, it looks like this forum has dwindled in participation to non-existent. I know it costs good money to keep it going. If you have limited traffic, you can't be making much in advertising revenues. I can't see the financials for this (and really don't want to know). But I am curious as to whether you have been thinking about pulling the plug. You can see stats that I can't, but it seems to me that you only get a few visitors. I see no new posts by any of the other members and have only seen a couple that you started. Having never hosted a site before, I am curious in the factors that will let you decide the difference between "a bit of a slump" and "the start of a trend."


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Doc, there is no additional cost to having this site running since I have it hosted with some other sites I own.

Yes, there are few posts, little traffic. But I am not looking for anything financial from here. I will keep this going and have no intention on pulling the plug for years. Anyone can come and go as they please, and that includes me!

It would be great if there was more participation, but like anything, sometimes these things get traction and sometimes they don't. It has had a fair few posts over the last year. Maybe Google will give it some love one day!