Who takes vitamins?


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I have a daily routine where I take: 2 fish oils, curcumin (turmeric), Vit D (+ 10 blueberries, 1 square of dark choc and 3 almonds). For some reason, I feel like I might be repeating myself here. Forgive me if I have covered this before!

What do you take?


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My gastro specialist took me off of ALL supplements. The more things you take, the more your liver has to metabolize. He allowed me to return to an eye vitamin based on the AREDS-2 formula. (You can look that up.) He said that as long as I avoided too many things with fish oil, it would be better. Part of the problem is that I am fat/oil sensitive. Too many supplements based on a fish-oil medium just blew up my digestion. So now, other than the AREDS-2 formula for eye health, I'm on no other vitamins.
I know that Ray kurzweil would like to live forever. I also know he has a relationship with a business that sells supplements, although supplements is probably the wrong description. (I think that's the right website) ... Notice the cost of the supplements, this is usually an indicator (to me) that it's more about what they can make out of it than how good they are for you. By the way I understand that Ray constantly checks his constitution medically, and adjusting the supplements accordingly. So the supplements he (sells?/is associated with) might work for him, but may not work for you, unless you go through the rigmarole of being tested and having the supplements/drugs whatever adjusted to your constitution. Hence my dubiousness about the reliability of supplements...

Ray's idea of living forever is not quite as daft as it might sound, although I suspect it's a bit tongue-in-cheek. Basically every year "they" manage to extend life expectancy. Every year, they manage to extend it just a tad more. There will/may come a day when every year, life expectancy is extended by one year. In other words you are at a point where immortality is no longer impossible. Hence Ray is interested in anything and everything that can enhance his life expectancy. So I would surmise that the drugs chemicals whatever he is associated with would be genuine, however some may be somewhat out there. Ray is older than me, and I think he believes he has a good chance! I'm not too sure, and anyway I generally avoid taking tablets.

In my late teens I frequently got tonsillitis. The normal course of action was to have them removed, however my doctor, Dr Kennedy from Hungerford advise me not to have them removed. It has subsequently been proved? ... that they have the beneficial effect of providing a first line of Defence. In other words when your tonsils are inflamed it means your body is under attack and your tonsils are doing something about it. I have no idea if you are at more risk of infection if you don't have your tonsils, but I can see the sense in keeping them! This translates to me to, my body knows what it's doing, let it get on with it.

Ray is a very clever man and has predicted accurately many things about the future, particularly in his books like this one:- "The Singularity is Near"

I went to see him present in London, and shook his hand. I also received a signed copy of this book!
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Don't know him personally but some of his musical instruments are top-notch. I know that he works closely with Stevie Wonder to get his keyboards up to Stevie's "Funk" standards. And I am of the opinion that if Stevie Wonder likes your contribution to the field of music, it must be a damned fine contribution indeed. 'cause Stevie Wonder knows keyboards and all he will play is a Kurzweil.
I understand that Ray met Stevie Wonder on a flight and they got discussing things. I'm not sure if this meeting is what led to the development of the synthesizer, I think the meeting was after the synthesizer and that it led to Ray's development of technology to read printed text (OCR). I don't actually know without looking it up. I've also got an inkling that Ray was responsible for the development of the iPod. He realised early on that tech products like chips for storing data were rapidly getting cheaper and cheaper. He saw that there might well be a market for something similar to a Walkman but something that stored the music in digital format, without the mechanical disc, alleviating the problem of disk jump and making a more compact device. I think it was Ray, but I may have the wrong person! The point is, is whether I've got the right story or not, is that he has this ability to look into the future and create products based on what technology will be available next. I understand it's not quite as simple as that, it's about timing, many of these products are specified years before in sci-fi, but it's finding the right time, the right infrastructure, the right market and bringing it all together just right. Too early or too late and you lose.


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Uncle, Ray Kurzweil is the one of the original people who got me interested in longevity and immortality. He also refers to the "Singularity". Much of what he talks about is related to the compounding rate of innovation - including biotech - which is directly linked to Moore's Law and the doubling of computer speed every 18 months or so. These faster processor rates lead to more rapid innovation.

[Edit: I have just found a thread I started about Ray, going back 4 years! https://www.longecity.org/forum/topic/70534-proof-of-escape-velocity-well/#entry661809]

The thing that puts me off about Ray nowadays is his toupe. Who is he trying to kid, when you has straight jet black hair one day, and frizzle salt and pepper the next? Apparently, he spends over $1M per year on medical tests and supplements, and I had the misfortune to be called a hypochondriac a while back. I should refer to Ray as a more exact sample of one.

Ray co-wrote a book called, "The Fantastic Voyage." It is about his 3 steps to immortality: 1. Take care of current health using existing best practice. 2. Take advantage of the biotech revolution that is imminent, including gene therapy, stem cells, senolytics, grow your own organs and so on. 3. Nanotech.

[Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee the results of immortality and no refund available, should you decide to spend a fortune on it.]

If you are interested in some of the developments in the field, here is an interesting video that I watched recently. It covers some of the developments, but most are probably hidden, as biotech firms are attempting to create competitive advantage by being a first-mover.

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