Time to Go Electric with Tesla?

Uncle Gizmo

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I love Tesla cars, I love the idea that it may well be possible to rent the car out like an uber, and make enough money to pay for it (maybe)... I also need a new roof, and I wondered about having a Tesla roof... Just wondered if anyone else has been thinking similar or got any advice.



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That design is so space age. Not sure if I like it or not. Wouldn't like to get hit by it as a pedestrian!

As you may know, Elon Musk said about your Tesla car driving itself off your driveway to do an uber style driverless lift for someone. Amazing!

Yes, the Tesla roof costs less than a normal roof! Clever. And it is supposed to be hard to see that its a solar panel from an angle.

Uncle Gizmo

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I understand that the reason for the ugly design is that the car is manufactured by bending/rolling the metal.

This avoids the need for an expensive press to make the body shell.

Hence (if I heard correctly) you can get a Tesla pickup for $40,000!