The Decision Book

I have a friend who constantly hesitates when having to make any significant decision. He will discuss it with me, ponder over it, then appear to take a course of action.

When we speak again, weeks, or even months later, he will typically have backtracked because of xyz, and entertain the idea to take a different course of action.

It's his life, but I find his approach quite frustrating, and I have told him so several times. It gives me the idea of him stuck in a limbo, occasionally for years.

So, once I gave him a book for his birthday: The Decision Book - fifty models for strategic thinking. It's got many different approaches and, well, models, according to the type of decisions one needs to make.

I did not read it myself but I flicked through a few pages when I bought it for him and it looks promising. If you're struggling with decision-making it may be worth a try.


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Yes, I've seen that book before and it is packed with nice diagrams of business models. I liked it. Like they say, if you only have one tool, a hammer, you treat every problem as a nail.

One particular tool I like to use is the Theory of Constraints thinking process diagrams. They really help you get to the root cause of things.

Here is an example:


Whilst it is not a pure TOC thinking process tree, it does follow the cause and effect thinking process.