Sleep, or a lack of


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My fitbit shows that I only had 5hrs 28m of sleep last night. I normally need about 8, although I usually get about 7hr 30m on average.

How much sleep do you need? Do you normally get what you need? How do you feel when deprived?


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I operated on 5 1/2 hours of sleep when I was working the Navy job and the two jobs before that. In fact, even into my college days I was a short session sleeper. Since I have retired, however, my average has crept up to over six 1/2 hours. When I haven't had enough sleep even by my standards, I'm initially sluggish and that permeates my physical as well as mental activity. My waking profile is that as the day gets later, I get more and more alert. It was for that reason that I programmed my main Navy system to send me e-mails about any events that were detected during the previous evening. I didn't have to go looking because my machine told me what went on. I didn't have to guess or search for anything.


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I can go for weeks on as little as 4-5 hours sleep a night. I work best on 6 hours.

I feel awful if I have more than 7.


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My activity profile was that I did my best work after dark. When I started my hobbyist writing, I was able to churn out a couple of chapters in one night when the ideas were there. Then I would spend a few days polishing up what I wrote, having put the basic ideas in print. (Well, in digital print.)