Food shopping rules


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Do you have rules when you go food shopping? Or is it a random free for all? I tend to sometimes have an idea what I want to get, but often I end up with random things, looking in the discount section for things that need selling that day, and come away with things I didn't plan on getting.

I think I need some improvements.

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My wife and I have decided the nature of our problem. Every shopping cart has hidden magnets in them and as we roll past certain displays, food jumps in. Not stuff we intended to buy. Food just jumps right in there.

We make a list by examining the pantry, fridge, and freezer. As we go through the store, we cross off everything on the list. However, we are human and will sometimes forget to add something, then remember we needed it when we pass the item in-store. We therefore now treat the grocery list in the same way that Captain Jack Sparrow explained the Pirate's Code in Pirates of the Caribbean - "they're just guidelines." (Of course that is because he needed to do something contrary to the code, roguish captain that he was.)