23andMe - results are now in!


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After a long wait, I finally have my results. I'm currently in possession of two early bits of data, which I will share.

Firstly, the gene TAS2R38 means that I have a 51% chance of detecting certain bitter tastes. This clearly explains why I consider brussel sprouts the spawn of the devil. Thankfully, it is confined to Christmas lunch thus restricting it to the annual chore of removing them from my plate (despite having said I dislike them during the previous 40+ Christmas lunches).

Secondly, the gene ACTN3 is related to muscles. Apparently, I have the gene that is a common result for elite power athletes. Perhaps it explains why I won the egg and spoon race at school, aged 10.

That's all for now.

[Note: This forum section is about The Future. My data is about The Past. But, this is a futuristic technology and it contains information that predicts the future!]
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