My mother passed away today

Sorry about your loss xxx

One thing that helped me when my Mum died, was something that she said to me many years ago:

People don’t really die. It’s just their shell. They live on in the hearts and minds of everyone they have touched.

If you think of it in that way, we are all immortal.

Love to you and your Dad xxx


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Been there, done that. For me? Mom died in 1987; Dad passed in 1982. I can completely understand your loss and sympathize. I have had time to get past it. (Note: Did NOT say "get over it.")

I know you had mentioned her health issues before in this forum. I hope it was at least a reasonably peaceful passage. I lost my parents when they were in their late 70s, but I don't know of ANY time that counts as a really good time for that loss.