Covid-19: health and safety best practices

What percentage of people wearing masks do so correctly?

  • 20%

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • 40%

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  • 60%

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  • 80%

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • 100%

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  • Masks? What masks?

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I was about to post a general thread about Covid-19 but then I realised AP has already one. However I thought I'd at least poll what people think about masks, and take it from there.

EDIT - To clarify: by "wearing" I do not mean just "wearing". I also meant "operating", i.e. donning the mask, keeping it on, disposing of it, etc.

@Jon please feel free to either move or delete the thread if you like. I thought it fitted here under the "Morality" banner, but it may very well be best placed elsewhere, e..g. Watercooler.
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Nicely chosen category actually.

So, are people wearing them correctly? Just take a look at a photo I took about 3 days ago, of a guy in my local coffee shop. Zoom in on the nose area! Doh!

Thanks Jon - Let's see if Doc votes in the next few days. I don't suppose other people are around at the moment, so maybe after he votes we can open it up for discussion, what do you think? By the way, I was unsure I posed the question correctly, so I edited the opening post, I hope it's clear enough.


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Regarding disposing of the masks, I have no knowledge of what others are doing with them. I only see who is wearing them.


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I can state with clarity and certainty that there is no way for me to tell whether masks are being properly maintained. I know I have seen some folks who don't understand noses (or so it appears). As to percentages, haven't got a frickin' clue.


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Apparently Holland is a country who thinks that mask may hinder, not help, according to the top scientists (boffins).

I'm off to the supermarket shortly. I will be wearing my mask but also aware the virus may go in through my eyes. For me, it is all about risk reduction, not eliminating risk.
Okay, so, about this: you are operating your mask incorrectly if

  • you touch your mask once you have put it on
  • you are only covering your mouth and not the nose
  • you are not covering your mouth
  • you keep taking the mask on and off throughout the day
  • you keep adjusting your mask because it keeps slipping off
  • putting the mask on without having washed your hands with soap or having sanitized your hands with gel
  • reusing a mask you have used before without washing it (in case of re-usable mask)
  • reusing a disposable, non re-usable mask more than once

Bottom line: a clean mask must be put on before leaving your house and must be left alone until you come back.

By simply going around, my estimate is: less than 20% are in fact doing so correctly. The 'disposing' part refers to the fact you shouldn't just dump it in the street, like I have seen some people do.

There's a helpful video about it here