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    What do you think about homeless people?

    I have seen many studies regarding homeless people. That profile (of why they are homeless) is about to change drastically in the USA and probably in other parts of the world as well. The refugee crisis in Europe, from the sketchy reports I have seen and don't fully trust, has also contributed...
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    Covid-19: health and safety best practices

    I can state with clarity and certainty that there is no way for me to tell whether masks are being properly maintained. I know I have seen some folks who don't understand noses (or so it appears). As to percentages, haven't got a frickin' clue.
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    Is Political Correctness toxic?

    The simple problem is that PC - as it is most frequently used today - is an attempt to shame someone into avoiding plain language that would expose the duplicity of the other party who doesn't want to have clear opposition to his/her/its ideas. It is an attempt to "muddy the waters" by forcing...
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    We're going to Mars!

    I wouldn't hold my breath for Elon to be able to do something that ambitious. Granted, he does a lot. But that is a big undertaking.
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    Form vs Substance in politics

    Part of what Trump did is relax certain business regulations, independent of tax rates. Regulations cost money to,... well... regulate. The time it takes to comply AND CERTIFY COMPLIANCE to onerous regulations is reflected in the salaries of people who have to police those regulations. DJT...
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    How do you know what reality is?

    I have to modify my position. There are THREE main divisions of this question. 1. Reality exists and we merely see some facet of it. Reality is created by natural forces. 2. There actually IS a god and we are ALL facets of His imagination. Equal in effect would be the setup of The Matrix...
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    Form vs Substance in politics

    He is abrasive, bull-headed, and definitely not a politician. However, I frequently remind myself that the framers of the constitution didn't want only politicians to be in office. They didn't want only lawyers to be in office. They wanted a cross-section of the populace to have a shot at the...
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    Form vs Substance in politics

    With regard to Trump, I will state clearly and honestly that I am glad my home state of Louisiana has electronic voting machines. That way, I was able to hold my nose with one hand and vote with the other. But because of my employment by the U.S. Military (as a contractor) I had to undergo a...
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    The Dark Triad personality test

    Took the test. "Infrequently Vile" - Very low on psychopathy, low on narcissism, above the middle on Machiavellanism.
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    I am disagreeable

    In another forum we had a very disruptive individual who eventually got banned for being a really sophisticated troll. He attempted to tell us that his online persona and offline persona were different. He tried to tell us "You would like me if you got to know me." But he couldn't understand...
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    How do you know what reality is?

    Always thought Meg Foster had the most striking light-blue eyes. She's not bad to look at. This idea of "imagined or questioned reality" is of course, classical solopsism. Besides the Matrix and Inception, add in Total Recall and Dark City. Not to mention that Dr. Strange had some fun with...
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    Shut your face

    In a way, Jon, the Internet has done us good - but it has also done us a grave disservice. The number of potential distractions has increased almost exponentially - and with a high exponent at that. In Biblical days, the tribes gathered around the campfire at night while the Tribal Elder...
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    Reflection - taking time out

    Ever since I retired, I find myself with more time on my hands and more "opportunistic meditation" moments. For instance, if something is bothering me I will take my daily walk, which guarantees about 70 minutes (give or take) during which there will be no TV, no conversation with the wife, and...
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    Life Hacks

    I can't begin to tell you how many times my wife puts things on the mid-stair landing as a memory aid. I don't dare move them unless I understand the intended mnemonic topic. For instance, an empty plastic wrapper with a toilet paper product name means we have to go to the store room to get...
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    Hey everybody

    Welcome, fatmt.