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    I thought I'd open a thread dedicated to all things AI. While we're very, very far from Singularity-like scenarios, AI is making considerable improvements in some areas. hide-and-seek machine learning (3m)
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    What do you think about homeless people?

    In a recent politics discussion I posted a diagram about the traditional left-wing Vs. right-wing ideologies. The diagram also includes homeless people where they are described either as "downtrodden, victims of the system" or people with "no work ethic, no sense of shame". What is your view?
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    Covid-19: health and safety best practices

    I was about to post a general thread about Covid-19 but then I realised AP has already one. However I thought I'd at least poll what people think about masks, and take it from there. EDIT - To clarify: by "wearing" I do not mean just "wearing". I also meant "operating", i.e. donning the mask...
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    Tony Robbins

    Robbins is, first and foremost, a brand. But I like the way he challenges conventional thinking and always brings the issues back to yourself. We always think the problem is outside, and most of the time the problem is within ourselves.
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    How do you know what reality is?

    Occasionally, when I am dreaming, I dream that I am waking up, but I am actually still asleep. I was in a dream within a dream. If dreams within dreams are possible, how can we be sure that this form of reality is, for lack of a better word, real? Why can't this be just another, longer, dream...
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    Some cognitive biases

    I have been engaged in a politics debate with Jon for a few days and, as part of that, I thought I'd share a few cognitive biases that everyone should be aware of. The complete list is on Wikipedia and it numbers in the hundreds. I think it is important to be aware of these biases because many...
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    Do we have PMs here?

    Is there Private Messaging here? When I write on someone's profile I think that's more like a Direct Messaging function but I am guessing those messages are public, not private. Is that correct?
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    Linking to external sites

    Hi @Jon When posting stuff I have a tendency to link some of my remarks to external URLs (such as YouTube) to provide more context, and I have come across a post of yours in AP that says 'Links to external sites have a negative impact on ranking of Access World.' Presumably this affects this...
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    Daryl Davis

    Debating is one thing, but Daryl Davis' ability to engage with people who 'hate him' is awe-inspiring. Accidental Courtesy (1h 40m)
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    We've all heard of hoarders... what about digital hoarders?

    I remember when I was a teenager, I used to hoard all sort of stuff... "I might need it one day", I used to tell myself, and over the years I accumulated a lot of stuff. It did not rise to the level of Compulsive hoarding, but I suspect the underlying psychological root causes may be related. I...
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    The Decision Book

    I have a friend who constantly hesitates when having to make any significant decision. He will discuss it with me, ponder over it, then appear to take a course of action. When we speak again, weeks, or even months later, he will typically have backtracked because of xyz, and entertain the idea...
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    Hey everybody

    Hey guys, just a quick introduction I found this forum by way of Access Programmers. I asked a question in there a year ago and then I noticed some cool questions in the sidebar leading to this site. I enjoy most subjects discussed in here so I hope I can contribute!