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  1. Jon

    Dr. Jordan B Peterson - Professor and clinical psychologist

    Uncle, I have watched a ton of Jordan Person's stuff. He is a very smart and interesting guy, who's ideas seem to spark controversy. To me, much 'controversy' is really only when one side doesn't like the viewpoints of another. He has thought through much of the stuff he debates, while any of...
  2. Jon

    Is being controversial a 'thing'?

    What about something like climate change? The trigger word for me was "settled", and hence it brought this topic to mind. Most climate change alarmists claim that the "science is settled." The skeptics dispute this. So there is no agreement on whether or not the science is "settled" between the...
  3. Jon

    "Jolly Blokes"

    Let me provide a counter-opinion from the BBC regarding disgust: For most of these things, I believe that both nature and nurture are at play, although I tilt towards nature being the stronger influencer in this area. Doc, I agree that the male...
  4. Jon

    "Jolly Blokes"

    The definition of 'homophobe' includes the term irrational. Who decides if something is irrational or not? Is that not like the argument for hate speech? Who is the authority who decides what is hate or not? I agree, my argument hinges on the genetic argument. But there is plenty of research...
  5. Jon

    Is being controversial a 'thing'?

    I love a bit of leftie mumbo jumbo! :LOL::LOL:
  6. Jon

    "Jolly Blokes"

    Yes, if you criticise me because of a response I have to the snoggers, you are tantamount to being racist! That was my whole point. If you don't think some things are automatic, try to overcome the blink reflex! (I made progress on this while trying to get used to contact lenses, but it was damn...
  7. Jon

    Is being controversial a 'thing'?

    Yes, but is it analogous to calling someone a bigot, when in fact that action itself makes you a bigot? Saying someone is controversial is really just saying you disagree with them, is it not?
  8. Jon

    "Jolly Blokes"

    Ah no, that is completely NOT what I was saying. Let me clarify and apologies for my confusing English. I was suggesting this: 1. Assume for argument that I have a gene that makes me repulsed by seeing two guys snog. 2. Assume that people's skin colour is based on certain genes. 3. Neither #1...
  9. Jon

    Is being controversial a 'thing'?

    I have an issue with the term controversial! If someone suggests you are controversial, are they really just being controversial themselves? I mean you have your view, they have theirs? Is your view only controversial if it is a minority view, like Darwinism and gay marriage once was? Or can you...
  10. Jon

    "Jolly Blokes"

    Just so I understand, are you saying that if your genes have programmed you to being gay, you don't have a choice? And, consequently, you should not be repulsed?
  11. Jon

    "Jolly Blokes"

    Bee, I added considerably to my post but yours came before I finished so, its worth having a re-read. I don't care at all what people get up to in bed. That is a different argument to being exposed to viewing something you find repulsive. They even give warnings on movies now about gun...
  12. Jon

    "Jolly Blokes"

    Because they were blokes. There is a gene that affects our ability to taste bitterness. That is probably why some people love brussel sprouts, while to me they are the spawn of the devil. How do we know there are not genes that affect these 'other' areas? If I had beliefs or views which were a...
  13. Jon

    Is Political Correctness toxic?

    Uncle, it looks like you and I seem to watch a few similar things, like the Ray Kurzweil thing and Stephen Fry. He is an immensely intelligent man and I concur with many of his views, except his political views. He has also done some great documentaries about traveling across America in a London...
  14. Jon

    "Jolly Blokes"

    Uncle, to me, if you feel uncomfortable about something that differs from the 'norm', that is a perfectly acceptable response. Much of our feelings are genetically based, in my humble view. For example, some people see a snake or spider and have a significant reaction. You can try to desensitise...
  15. Jon

    Immortality just around the corner or a pipedream?

    The following video gives some interesting information on current developments. This video is also in another post, but I figured it was highly relevant to this thread too.
  16. Jon

    Who takes vitamins?

    Uncle, Ray Kurzweil is the one of the original people who got me interested in longevity and immortality. He also refers to the "Singularity". Much of what he talks about is related to the compounding rate of innovation - including biotech - which is directly linked to Moore's Law and the...
  17. Jon


    Hi Ann, welcome to our little corner of the inter-woods! I am the founder of this haven, and generally post lots of provocative threads to get the conversation going! :D It is a great place to hang out and share your views. From your introductory post, it looks like you have a lot to offer. Enjoy!
  18. Jon

    Life Hacks

    Just to report in that I am using the Sharpie pens on my open jars and packets. They are working out a treat! It only took me a lifetime to work this out. :oops::eek: Another little hack that is working for me, is that when I am dieting, having two soups for lunch really works. Each bowl is...
  19. Jon

    Life is momentum

    Do you ever find yourself caught up doing stuff while the "other stuff" gets left behind? Whatever we decide to do with our time, there is always an opportunity cost for the "other stuff" that doesn't get done. You get some momentum going on a project but then life gets in the way, slowing down...
  20. Jon

    Dry Spell

    Hi Doc, yes I understand the issue. I too have been caught up with stuff lately and Bee is absent because she is has moved this week, so won't have internet connection until I the 21st. It is probably just the time of year. I am sorry to hear about your mother-in-law's illness progression. I...