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  1. Jon

    Does argumentation diverge or converge views?

    Having been in plenty of debates over time, I have come to believe that in most cases, argumentation causes divergence, not convergence. While the goals is the latter, the result is the former. So, is it a case that it is better to no argue, or is it a case that how you argue determines the...
  2. Jon

    We're going to Mars!

    The Americans are sending a 1 ton vehicle to Mars shortly. Apparently it takes 7 months to get there. It will be able to detect life if found. They want to land it into a crater that perhaps used to hold water, I think. It will collect samples, and store them so that in future missions, they can...
  3. Jon

    Merry Christmas to all!

    Just a quick note to wish everybody a Merry Christmas. Hope you all have a great day.
  4. Jon

    Is the earth flat?

    I have a friend who swears it is. Many arguments have ensued. I said to him, "If the earth is flat, when the sun is shining, why doesn't it light up the whole of the flat earth?" His answer was it is more like a torch, so you don't see it from the other areas. Ahem.
  5. Jon

    Happiness and the weather

    I hope I haven't posted on this already, but do you think the weather affects mood and happiness? I recall having read something that this is a myth, but that seems counter-intuitive to me. I am sure I feel happier when the sun is shining!
  6. Jon

    The Dentist

    A couple of days ago, I was chewing on some candy and the whole top part of my tooth sheered off. It doesn't actually hurt, but I do have a dental appointment tomorrow morning and I am worrying that he might need to yank my tooth out! my previous dentist has gone AWOL so I changed to a local...
  7. Jon

    What does autumn mean to you?

    We have 4 seasons. Each brings a different flavour to life and consequently a change of sorts. How is your life changed by the coming autumn and what does it mean to you?
  8. Jon

    My mother passed away today

    Sadly, my mother passed away today. She was 85 years old. Rest in peace. :cry:
  9. Jon

    Sleep, or a lack of

    My fitbit shows that I only had 5hrs 28m of sleep last night. I normally need about 8, although I usually get about 7hr 30m on average. How much sleep do you need? Do you normally get what you need? How do you feel when deprived?
  10. Jon

    America's $22 trillion dollar debt

    Can America ever pay off such a huge debt? It is mind bogglingly large!
  11. Jon

    Bill Clinton - should he wear a maga hat too?

    Take a peek: I'm just saying!
  12. Jon

    Is Bernie Sanders a hypocrite?

    I just read that Bernie has been campaigning for a minimum wage of $15 per hour, suggesting that less than that is an unlivable wage. However, he has been exposed since he is paying $13 per hour to his campaign workers. If the Democrat candidate really believes in what he says, why doesn't he...
  13. Jon

    Is Brexit a mistake?

    Power to the people! Democracy! Or is Brexit a case of delegating a decision to the masses where they end up slitting their own throats? What do you think?
  14. Jon

    Will we engineer our own downfall?

    The rate of progress in gene technology (anyone have the right term for this?) suggests to me we will inevitably create our own unique lifeforms. In fact, it could be argued that just modifying our own genes means this is happening already. However, what happens when things go astray? Could we...
  15. Jon

    Reflection - taking time out

    Life is a cycle of repetitions. Get up, make bed, shower, dress, breakfast and so on. This mundane routine repeats endlessly, interposed with the non-mundane. Should we spend more of our time reflecting, pondering on life's issues, our circumstances and self-insight? Do you do this? I journal...
  16. Jon

    Thinking like an Outlier

    Do you think you think like most people think, or do you think you think like an outlier?
  17. Jon

    The voices in my head hurt me

    ...or help me. Yet for some unfortunate individuals, they are cause for alarm. Consider a schizophrenic having a psychotic episode. It could potentially lead them to do something damaging. Criminal violence is 4 times more likely if you are schizophrenic, so maybe this plays a part. I don't...
  18. Jon

    The difference that makes the difference

    What is the difference between organic and inorganic matter?
  19. Jon

    Form vs Substance in politics

    I think most people would agree that Obama was very smooth, but he did bugger all with North Korea. Do you think Obama is all form and no substance, while Trump is all substance and no form? Food for thought...
  20. Jon

    Mental processing age!

    I played in a chess tournament this weekend. My first game was against a 10 year old girl who looked like she was from Indian decent. I had to look up the spelling of her name. Due to cultural and religious differences, I was not sure if a) I was allowed to shake her hand before the game starts...